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Since every organization is unique and has its requirements, Cloudzlab would like to help you build your business by customizing Salesforce for your complex functionalities and integrations.
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Who is Salesforce??

Business transformation has reached new heights, and customer demands are changing day by day. Salesforce helps businesses of all sizes move away from product centricity, towards 360 customer obsession. Founded in 1999, Salesforce has revolutionized the SaaS model to become the World's #1 CRM Platform bringing internal & external stakeholders together around the customer.

The multi-tenant infrastructure allows for continuous innovation, embedded AI in low code, and fast time to market creates a scalable & repeatable foundation to meet the changing demands of the customer in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With three-yearly upgrades, Salesforce extends mobility to give every business unit data-driven insights, acting as a single front-office layer around the customer. Aggregating legacy data and unlocking omnichannel insights allows businesses to focus on what's essential, growth, and scale.

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And what is CRM you ask?

CRM stands for Customer relationship management, it's a technology that gives you access to manage your relationships with your customers and potential customers, it helps you track your data, even collaborate with your teams. its a solution that helps you focus on your organization’s relationships.

As Salesforce would say “The goal is simple: Improve business relationships.“

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Why Is Cloudzlab the Way to Go?

We pride ourselves on having these four values that make us unique.

Time to Market

Agility is key. Our dynamic, iterative delivery methodologies ensure rapid rollout to our clients.


We train our consultants to lead the clients towards uncovering hidden, critical, initially scoped needs.

True Digital Culture

Cloudzlab operates with three core values: autonomy, speed, and openness. These values have conceived unique digital practices of fluid collaboration, rapid experimentation, and intense customer orientation.

Customer Obsession

Post-sale services are fundamental to Cloudzlab Our client support is continuous. Dedicated resources typically are allocated to the client after the sales services.

What we offer

As a certified Salesforce Platinum partner, CLoudzlab has the exquisite capability to help you develop and customize your business through implementing your business plans, employing an Integrated software introduction enabling you to track your Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities.

You can easily collaborate with coworkers and share analytics and business information. You can also track your progress, Create, and Share Reports.

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Introducing our Partners

We Proudly announce our fast Growth in partnerships in the past four years
These companies are not just our partners; they are part of our family, a part of our success. They have added to us so much, and we are proud to have them alongside in our journey.

Hear what Our Brilliant Partners have to say about us.

Nile Air
GS1 Egypt
AlAhram Beverages Company
Out of z Box
CID Consulting
Alkan CIT
ALDAU development

what they say about us

AlAhram Beverages Company Logo
The way Cloudzlab handles their customers, makes you feel like they’re your family, they’re professional and they excel in customer support
Fady Selim | Project owner of service excellence
AlAhram Beverages Company Logo
A personal touch to all engagements, Cloudzlab team never fail to surprise us. An excellent Salesforce Partner who have a “Nothing is impossible” approach to projects
Nikhil Bharakda | Business Analyst / Project Manager
AlAhram Beverages Company Logo
The business’s performance instantly became better once we started using Salesforce through Cloudzlab.
Hazem El Sallab | CEO of El Sallab